Shezmu CHAKRA PURE AMBER KASHMIR Egyptian Essences Oils 10ml Dropper. Imported from Egypt


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Egyptian Oils  Shezmu Chakra Amber Kashmir, Egyptian Essence Oil in 10 ml Dropper ball.

 Pure oils imported from Egypt. We store and use dark Amber and Cobalt Blue bottles.


Amber-Kashmir has a secret; it’s the best oil for communicating and self expression! This essence helps people believe in themselves and when they are confident, they speak frankly and honestly. Good conversation, without fear and done in truth, is a very healthy thing.

Activating throat chakra to talk your wisdom, talk your truth and be sure of yourself.

Today, our Amber-Kashmir Essence oil comes Egypt.  About 30,000 years ago, it grew in Libya and at this time, Libya was part of Egypt.


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We have a bricks and mortar store at Mudgeeraba Qld.

We import direct from our friends in Egypt to get the best Quality pieces. There is no slave or child labor with any of our goods. We support small Family Businesses which has a Flow on effect to the small families. This item is a great gift for yourself, someone who loves Egypt or is a pyramididot or just loves everything Egyptian.

History of Perfume

The word perfume is derived from the Latin perfume, meaning "through smoke." The art of perfumery was known to the ancient Egyptians. References to perfumery materials and even perfume formulas are found in the Ancient Egyptian Burial sites, Tombs and in the Bible. The burning of incense in religious rites of ancient China, Palestine, and Egypt led gradually to the personal use of perfume known as attar's, widespread in ancient Greece and Rome. During the Middle Ages Crusaders brought knowledge of perfumery to Europe from the East. After 1500 Paris was the major center of perfume-making.
Today Egypt is still a major trading center for the perfume industry. We have teamed up with the best perfume trading houses in Egypt.

What's the difference between perfume oils and perfume?
Please do not confuse these perfume oils with cologne or essential oils. Pure perfume, essences oils are far more sophisticated than perfume with fillers. Never offensive or overpowering, long lasting and balanced.We at My Egypt are honored to be able to offer you the best in fragrance - drop for drop we offer a superior product. Try us - we think you'll agree.

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Made in Egypt. Product of Egypt.