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If one has to go to a recorded time when one could be sure of the prevalence of Aromatics, one has to Time Travel to…. Ancient Egypt. Translations of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics (Medu neter) show manuscripts, that Priests and Alchemist were using extracted oils from plants and herbs for healing thousands of years ago. This makes essential oils the earliest known medicine highly revered. The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt routinely exchanged Blue Lotus Oil with the kings of India for gold and other precious goods. And so it is…, essential oils were at one time in history considered more valuable than gold.

The Egyptians created fragrances for personal use as well as for ritualistic healing and ceremonial use in Temples and Pyramids. According to the earliest historical records available, they used balsamic substances with aromatic properties for Medicine. Egyptian High Priests used fragrances for opening the Subconscious Mind and increasing their ability to communicate with The Spirit World.

In 1817 the 870-foot Ebers Papyrus was discovered, dating back to 1500 B.C., it was called a medicinal scroll. It mentioned over 800 herbal prescriptions and remedies. Other scrolls indicate that the Egyptians had a high success rate in treating as many as 81 different diseases. Many mixtures they used contained myrrh and honey. Myrrh was used for embalming because of it's effectiveness in preventing bacterial growth.

After 3,300 years, when King Tutankhamen’s tomb was opened in 1922, 350 litres of oils were discovered in alabaster jars. Plant waxes had solidified in a thickened residue around the inside of the container opening, leaving the liquefied oil in excellent condition and fragrance still detectable.

Aromatherapy has a history going back 4500 years, Scholars and Teachers believe that aromatics were the first medicines used by the Egyptians. Imhotep the Architect was also the father of Medicine and healing The Ancient Egyptians were the first (in recorded history) to have widely used aromatherapy in their daily life. The Egyptians were the first to discover that fragrances are effective and can be used for religious practices, treatments of illness and other physical and spiritual needs. They used essential oils, herbs, perfumed flowers and spices extensively in skin care to cleanse physical impurities.


 Egyptian Essence...

Egyptian essence is especially potent when collected and made with wisdom, using the knowledge of the Ancients. Egypt is well known for its esoteric knowledge; that energy and wisdom lives in the stones and radiates its own magic. The ancient arts are not prevalent in today’s culture but they still exist to those who understand them and are available for anyone to access.

The essence that provides and distributes is an expression of this ancient art as it exists today. All of the essences sold here, and some are rare, are hand-grown. 

Our Essences are made around villages adjacent to the Pyramids, Sphinx and sacred sites of the Ancients, gathered far beyond and know its ancient secrets. 

About the healing work of essence, aromatherapy and capturing the mystery of the sacred oils of Egypt. Our essence are infused with this wisdom, vibration and energy for the utmost in healing qualities. This is a rare talent and our essence reflects this. Essence are powerful, clear and complex, balancing feminine and masculine energy and connecting in the body to where it needs to go to do the work. This speaks to the clarity of being and the care, effort and love that goes into creating our wonderful essence. Shezmu Egyptian Essence.

Expensive aromatics and perfumes were worn in Egypt by the ruling families and the priests. Egyptian temple priests – the doctors of the day – were renowned for their herbal preparations, tinctures, unguents, salves and ointments. They employed the vast variety of aromatic balms, resins and powders in many ways for both religious and medicinal purposes. Formulas and recipes for the ancient remedies are still considered highly prized in our world today.

Many ancient pictorials on Egyptian temple walls depict essential oils extraction and care, Egyptian royalty using essential oils, as well as valued recipes and formulas. Clearly, essential oils were revered in the culture. In fact, when King Tutankhamen’s tomb was discovered and opened in 1922, the excavation team found (among other things), over 50 ancient alabaster jars – specially carved containers for essential oils. Raiders of the tomb had taken the prized essential oils, but had left the gold!



Aromatherapy is powerful
The olfactory sense (smell) is the only one of the five senses directly connected to the brain. It can stimulate chemical and nerve reactions like nothing else. 
When you smell something you are actually ingesting tiny particles of what you smell. You have heard "you are what you eat", right? Well smelling something is directly ingesting it into your brain, we could say, "you are what you smell" is even more true. 

Aroma therapy in ancient Egypt used perfumes and essence oils. These have been used for thousands of years and as far back as four thousand BC. The most famous and richest associations concerning the first aromatic materials are those surrounding the ancient Egyptian civilization.
Legend has it that the spiritual leaders of  Atlantis went to Egypt , they built pyramids as healing centres , and used aroma therapy and other forms of physical therapy to enhance their lives and health.

We follow these practices today with our wide and rare range of Shezmu Pure Essence Oils. Sourced from the same places and made the same way as the Ancients.




How to use your Egyptian Essence oil:

 - Burner: add a couple drops to your electric or tea light candle vaporizer

- Massage or body oil: add a couple drops to a carrier oil to use for massage, a customized body oil, or to treat ailments

- Bath: add 3-5 drops to a full bath before immersing yourself in the warm water

- Shower: sprinkle 1-2 drops on your shower floor and let the scent wash over you



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We have a bricks and mortar store at Mudgeeraba Qld.

We import direct from our friends in Egypt to get the best Quality pieces. There is no slave or child labor with any of our goods. We support small Family Businesses which has a Flow on effect to the small families. This item is a great gift for yourself, someone who loves Egypt or is a pyramididot or just loves everything Egyptian.

History of Perfume

The word perfume is derived from the Latin perfume, meaning "through smoke." The art of perfumery was known to the ancient Egyptians. References to perfumery materials and even perfume formulas are found in the Ancient Egyptian Burial sites, Tombs and in the Bible. The burning of incense in religious rites of ancient China, Palestine, and Egypt led gradually to the personal use of perfume known as attar's, widespread in ancient Greece and Rome. During the Middle Ages Crusaders brought knowledge of perfumery to Europe from the East. After 1500 Paris was the major center of perfume-making.
Today Egypt is still a major trading center for the perfume industry. We have teamed up with the best perfume trading houses in Egypt.

What's the difference between perfume oils and perfume?
Please do not confuse these perfume oils with cologne or essential oils. Pure perfume, essences oils are far more sophisticated than perfume with fillers. Never offensive or overpowering, long lasting and balanced. Heat activated on your body to ensure long lasting fragrance.

We at My Egypt are honored to be able to offer you the best in fragrance - drop for drop we offer a superior product. Try us - we think you'll agree.

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Made in Egypt. Product of Egypt.


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