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Perfume Bottle Hand Blown Pink and Clear coloured. Oval shape bottle Filigree work on bottle. Etched and gilded. Trimmed in Gold.

Egyptian Glass Blowing
Traditions date back thousands of years. Hand blown glass is fascinating to watch as molten glass becomes a unique form which is hand colored and gold details applied. These craftsmen and artisans have been doing this for a very long time. We have imported these Egyptian glass perfume bottle from Egypt as part of our longing to visit this prospering modern civilization with roots from thousands of years ago. This selection of glass bottles highlights the variety of colors and shapes which are popular in Egypt. They remind us of magical bottles or royal glass designs suitable for a princess in a magical kingdom.

The glass is 100% Pyrex as is very durable.

Weight; 92 grams.

(H) 19 cm without stopper (H) 24 cm with stopper (W) 6 cm.

All measurements and weights are approximate.

All our Perfume Bottles are hand made in Egypt.


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