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This Genuine Papyrus is grown, made into papyrus scrolls and then hand painted by some of the best Artists in all of Egypt.


Goddess Sekhmet

This papyrus depicts a statue of the goddess Sekhmet, wife of Ptah, as they composed their son Nefertum the “Trinity of Menf” She is represented in a figure of a woman with a lion’s head. She was considered a protective goddess symbolizing power.

The figure in this papyrus is painted with glow in the dark paint it is said to be "With Light".


Our English word "paper", is derived from the word "papyrus", an Egyptian word that originally meant "that which belongs to the house"

Strips are soaked in water to remove the sugar content, the strips are pounded and the water drained away, after which they are placed side by side, overlapping slightly. A second set of strips are placed at right angles to the first, again overlapping slightly. The raw papyrus sheet is pounded once again, and left under a heavy weight (usually a stone slab) to dry for approximately six days. The remaining sugar within this concoction seals the strips together. Finally, after drying the surface of the sheet is polished to a smooth finish by rubbing (for example, with a shell or a piece of smooth ivory). Though during various periods of Egyptian history, this process could be slightly different, some papyrus continues to be made in a similar manner today.

Size; 40cm(H) x 61cm(L)

This Item is Handcrafted and Made in Egypt.

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