Organic Pleasures, Colloidal Copper, Spray, 125ml, Two, Bottles

Organic Pleasures, Colloidal Copper, Spray, 125ml, Two, Bottles

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Organic Pleasures Colloidal Copper  Spray  125ml  Two Bottles


Copper is an essential micro-nutrient. It is needed for red blood cell formation, protein metabolism, the production of RNA, enzyme activity, hair and skin color, and the health of the nerves.

If you take large amounts of Vitamin C, you need more copper. Colloidal Copper has been used as a remedy for gray hair, burns, arthritis, parasites and viral and bacterial infections. We provide a fine quality colloidal copper solution for those wishing to explore its possibilities.

We employ the same custom electrical manufacturing methods to create our Alchemists Workshop Colloidal Copper as those used in our colloidal silver procedure. Triple steam distilled and water .999% ultra pure source metal. Our colloidal copper solutions are produced at a potency of 1-3 microgram per milliliter

Colloidal Copper: Fountain of Youth?

Copper jewelry worn directly on skin has been used for hundreds of years, more as a remedy for many ailments, including arthritis. Aside from wearing copper, many other methods of copper therapy were applied including a ground copper.

It's only recently, with the advent of Colloidal Silver and gold being manufactured electrically that a totally safe Colloidal Copper therapy is finally possible. The history of using Copper for treating ailments is buried in the mists of time itself. There are a whole series of diseases that are caused by copper deficiency.

A deficiency of copper can result in gray hair, skin wrinkles, including crow's feet, varicose veins, and saggy skin. It has been claimed that Colloidal Copper has been able to return gray hair back to its natural color. It has improved the elastic fiber in the skin increasing skin flexibility, and can act as an anti-wrinkle agent.

Old medical books stated that Colloidal Copper is effective against parasites, strengthens the blood and cleans the arteries. In addition it is reported to be effective against aneurysms and preventing strokes. The use of Copper in its Colloidal form is a comparatively new and major breakthrough because unlike earlier 19th century usage when copper was ground and used as a powder creating the potential for toxic build up; as a result of the colloidal breakthrough, the particle elements are smaller than the membranes of the human body and thus move freely throughout the entire system supplying the special needs that only elemental copper can provide without toxic build up.

We have observed that colloidal copper gently massaged into bruised or painful skin around sore muscles and joints, will relieve the pain and symptoms for initially four hours on the first application/first day; and thereafter the symptoms will decrease daily until gone for anything up to four years before returning (in the case of arthritis). It can be used on demand topically.

Our observations also showed a marked clarity of thinking when the colloidal copper was taken orally under the tongue, speeds up the synapses in the brain.

Copper was reported as the missing link in calcified bones of people who had suffered osteoporosis. It seems from Dr. Robert O Becker's experiments that it acted like the magnetic glue to hold the bone and cartilage together. Since some of our own people have taken it in their daily regime and applied it topically to any sore joints, major improvements have occurred.

The observations on colloidal copper are scarce and it is both interesting and gratifying to see all the various benefits emerging, even to the point of copper now being utilized as the active ingredient in expensive brand name skin creams.


It has been said in myths and legends that the Queen of Sheba obtained ground copper from King Solomon from which she further refined and mixed down to a thin paste before applying it to her face and body to retain and improve her beauty.

The strange thing is that the same type of myths and legends are related to Queen Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti of ancient Egypt, who according to legend were two great beauties. The Arthurian legend has his wife Genevieve as an outstanding beauty. Is it not strange that there was Merlin in the same court? A master of alchemy and "magic potions"? There is no doubt that Ultrafine Colloidal Copper when applied under the eyes will stimulate collagen production and sculpture away wrinkles and fine lines when applied every day topically. The effect on varicose veins on the legs can be seen to improve also with local topical applications as well as taken orally under the tongue.

When applied to the scalp and hair remarkable things start to happen, but which we are still too early in our investigation to report!? However a recent test was published by another research establishment wherein it stated that copper did in fact create the correct environment for a reversal of greying hair due to chemical changes that occurred within the follicles.

All in all Colloidal Copper is a great adjunct to health and beauty, a stimulant for the brain, an artery and blood cleanser and antioxidant as well as a collagen booster. With that amount of all round improvement, maybe it is the "Fountain Of Youth"