Aswan Granite Statue God Thoth Made in Egypt by Semed.

  • 13000

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Crushed Aswan Granite Statue God Thoth. Handmade in Egypt by the Artist Semed. This item has been hand picked to add to our collection of fine Egyptian Products.


 Also known as Djehuty, Some stories place him as a son of Ra, others say that Thoth created himself through the power of language. He is the creator of magic, the inventor of writing, teacher of man, the messenger of the gods. Wearing the Double Plumed Crown, aka the Amun Crown, was another style of the Shuti and  consisted of double, tall feathers as worn by the god Amun 

Height;  34cm.  Measurements are Approximate.

This Item is Handcrafted and Made in Egypt.

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