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Bone like statue hand made in Egypt with Hieroglyphics on the lower edges.


Represented as a dog, or as a man with a dogs head, Anubis was a god of the dead, closely associated with the process of mummification and embalming. The priests who perform these rituals on the deceased are thought to have taken on the role of Anubis by wearing jackal masks.
Anubis features in depictions of the weighing of the heart ceremony in the Book of the Dead, assisting in the judgement of the dead. He was also considered to be a guardian of the cemeteries, known in this guise as
'Lord of the sacred land' and 'foremost of the divine booth'.
The cult of Anubis was eventually assimilated with that of Osiris, another major god of the dead.

Size; 54.5cm(H) x 15.5cm(W) x 16cm(L)

Weight; 1601 grams

This Item is Handcrafted in Egypt

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