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 Ankh statue Crushed Alabaster from the mines of the Pharaoh'son the West bank of Luxor, hand made in Egypt with  the Eye of Horus on the top, Solar Disc Sacred Scarab Beetle being held up with the two open arms. Lotus flowers on the bottom, left and right of the cross.

Ankh "Key of Life"

The Ankh, also known as key of life, the key of the Nile, was the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read "life".

The Ankh was, for the ancient Egyptians, the symbol (the actual Hieroglyphic sign) of life but it is an enduring icon that remains with us even today as a Christian cross. It is one of the most potent symbols represented in Egyptian art, often forming a part of decorative motifs. The ankh seems at least to be an evolved form of, or associated with the Egyptian glyph for magical protection, sa

Size; 21cm(H) x 12cm(W) x 1cm(L) approx.

This Item is Handcrafted and Made in Egypt.

Everything Egyptian is at My Egypt. "Share the Passion"

We have a bricks and mortar store at Mudgeeraba Qld.

We import direct from our friends in Egypt to get the best Quality pieces. There is no slave or child labor with any of our goods. We support small Family Businesses which has a Flow on effect to the small families. This item is a great gift for yourself, someone who loves Egypt or is a pyramididot or just loves everything Egyptian.

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